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Please accept these small tokens of appreciation for your continuing efforts at facilitating the U.S. Customs Service National Contract Negotiations.  Your insight, keen abilities and interest-based techniques are obviously working.  On behalf of the parties locally, nationally, at the Ports, Areas, Area Ports, CMCs, STCs, NFC, NLC, Glynco and Headquarters, many, many thanks.  We look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner
Office of Field Operations
U.S. Customs Service

Thanks for your note and kind words during our coaching discussions.  I have enjoyed our get-togethers and learned from you different approaches I might take on how to put into perspective what is happening around me and to me.  All of this, I am sure, will help me to cope and survive going forward.  Thanks again and I expect I will be seeing you.

Associate Director
Office of Supervision (OS)
Federal Housing Finance Board

You are a major reason the workplace improvement committee has been successful. You have also been a significant asset to OM in teaching the staff about planning, setting goals and working effectively. I know the staff has benefited from their exposure to you. I hope you continue your involvement with OM.

Office of Management
Federal Housing Finance Board

Herb and Hinda, you are terrific!  It was especially important for GOER to have the Division of Motor Vehicles project go well. The session was valuable and this material makes it more so. These enhancements will have a positive effect as well as for the other agencies. Thank you.

Associate Director
Workforce and Organizational Development Unit
Governor’s Office of Employee Relations State of New York

Thank you, Herb.  I think I will read the lessons from your coaching recap every morning when I start work.  I’ve also asked myself, what would Herb tell me to do in this situation?  You’ve been very helpful and I’ve learned a lot from you.

Director of Human Resources
Office of Management
Federal Housing Finance Board

Thank you, Herb.  I have learned a lot from you, and I appreciate your coaching advice and patience with me (and with my impatience!) over these past months.  I hope we can keep in touch.  I feel like I still have much to learn from you

Associate Director-Policy Research
Office of Supervision
Federal Housing Finance Board

Thanks, Herb.  Your assessment of my developmental needs and priorities is on-target.  I’ve enjoyed our coaching conversations and will pass along my thoughts on the merits of the experience to my manager.

Associate Director – Risk Modeling
Office of Supervision Federal Housing Finance Board

Hinda and Herb, your indomitable spirit, endless patience and creative genius were indispensable in crafting a landmark federal labor agreement using interest based problem solving.

The National Negotiating Team
U.S. Customs Service

Herb and Hinda, please accept this token appreciation for the training, guidance and personal assistance which you provided to the Gulf Customs Management facilitation team thereby ensuring its success.

The Gulf Customs Management Center Facilitators
U.S. Customs Service

Hinda and Herb, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your work in support of Total Quality Organization (TQO) in the Midwest District.  Your efforts with our Partnership Council supported our TQO goals in a very significant way.  You assisted us through some very difficult times.  Your skills and expertise were greatly appreciated by the entire Council.  I appreciate your willingness to be a part of this and hope that you will be able to continue to provide your skills and expertise in the same way to the new organization.  Thank you for everything you have done.

Quality Officer – Midwest District
Internal Revenue Service

Herb and Hinda, this was a very painful process made much easier by your expertise and personalities.  I personally appreciate your ability to remain non defensive when challenged and your considerable skill in refocusing the group back to the issue at hand.  Your flip-charting was very effective and helped me organize my thoughts and understand what others were attempting to get across.  I also appreciated the fact that you did not always defer to management or the person with the loudest voice!  I learned so much.  Thanks for a well-run, profitable, enjoyable program.

Personnel Department
County of Ventura
State of California

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