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Competency based leadership development: Which of its benefits does your organization need?

Benefit #1 – Do Better Targeting of Leadership Selection. Develop competency profiles for specific leadership positions or roles in your organization, link leadership competencies to your strategies and goals, and accurately match the right individuals with specific leadership tasks and responsibilities.

Benefit #2 – Make Your Leadership Selection Process More Efficient. Reduce your leadership recruitment and selection costs. Improve your ability to recruit and select individuals with rare or unique leadership competencies that are difficult and costly to develop.

Benefit #3 – Make Your Leadership Human Capital Management Programs More Systematic and More Equitable. Learn how to use valid, reliable and fair methods of selection, placement, training, development, performance management and succession planning for your organization’s leadership positions. Acquire the competency based tools you need to rank leaders accurately for performance management and leadership development potential.

Benefit #4 – Improve Your Leadership Retention and Succession Planning. Reduce turnover among your organization’s leadership ranks and improve your ability to build and maintain leadership bench strength.

Benefit #5. – Make Your Leadership Training and Development More Efficient. Reduce the costs of your organization’s leadership training and development and improve your return on this investment.

Benefit #6 – Make Your Leadership Training and Development More Effective. Improve the accuracy of your organization’s leadership training and development needs assessments and deliver better training and development plans and interventions for your leaders and leadership teams.

Benefit #7 – Improve the Performance of Your Organization’s Leaders. Enhance the long-term performance of your organization’s leaders and increase the productivity of your organization’s new leaders.

Why choose us to bring you these benefits?

Reason #1 – Our Leadership Development Approach is Flexible and Tailored. To identify the right leadership competencies for your organization, depending on the level of accuracy and degree of customization required, we would typically use an appropriate combination of behavior interviews, focus groups, expert panels, questionnaire surveys, leadership competency dictionaries, our own leadership competency inventory and published competency studies of similar leadership roles.

Reason #2 – Our Competency Research Products Enable You to Unify and Integrate Your Leadership Development Efforts. If it is necessary to go beyond the review of secondary source materials related to your organization’s leadership positions, our competency research would include the following sequence of activities:

    Gathering job information from group interviews and from document review.

    Selecting and studying superior and average performers in the leadership role(s).

    Constructing behaviorally anchored leadership development competency profile(s).

    Creating customized applications of the leadership development competency profile(s).

    Helping your organization use customized applications of the leadership development competency profile(s) to refine and target its leadership selection systems and to unify and integrate its leadership development programs.

Reason #3 – Our Competency Research Enables You to Develop Leaders at Every Organizational Level. Executive leaders can play key roles in generating compelling shared visions for their organizations. Such actions are effective, however, only when leaders can use facilitative skills to engage the aspirations and mobilize the energies of all the employees in your organization.

That means engaging, listening to, negotiating with and surfacing expressions of individual and collective employee voices at multiple organizational levels. That is why we help you to ensure that employees at every level of your organization have genuine opportunities to develop what are known as facilitative leadership competencies as well as other key leadership competencies.

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