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Personalized executive coaching: Which of its benefits does your organization need?

Benefit #1 – Build Executive Engagement. Let personalized coaching help your executives feel more valued, increase their desire to show up for work each day and become more productive.

Benefit #2 – Accelerate Executive Development. Let personalized coaching help your executives learn how to leverage their strengths while improving in their development areas and help your high-potential executive candidates grow into high-functioning executive managers.

Benefit #3 – Strengthen Executive Influence Skills. Let personalized coaching help your executives become more effective by improving the way they are perceived by others.

Benefit #4 – Enhance Executive People Skills. Let personalized coaching help your executives improve their abilities to create high performing teams and subordinates.

Benefit #5 – Increase Executive Adaptability. Let personalized coaching help your executives do a better job of managing important transitions in their work roles or work responsibilities.

Benefit #6 – Improve Executive Retention. Let personalized coaching help your executives become more successful in and more satisfied with their professional roles and careers.

Why choose us to bring you these benefits?

Reason #1 – Our Executive Coaching is Person-Centered, Collaborative and Goal-Directed. We treat each coaching assignment as a collaborative relationship between us and the executive being coached—a relationship that supports the achievement of targeted results based on goals set by the executive.

Reason #2 – We and the Executive Jointly Develop Action Priorities and a Coaching Plan. We typically begin the coaching process by interviewing the executive, their immediate supervisor, and sometimes the Director of HRM—to assess the executive’s current opportunities and challenges, define the nature and scope of the coaching purpose and relationship, identify action priorities and develop a detailed, time-phased coaching plan.

Reason #3 – Our Executive Coaching is always Mindful of the Organization’s Leadership Needs. Our coaching plan focuses on the individual executive’s personal development needs in the context of the organization’s strategic priorities and the particular leadership needs which those priorities dictate.

Reason #4 – Our Executive Coaching is Data-Driven and Feedback-Oriented. We use tailored assessment instruments to give the executive objective information that can: enhance self-awareness and awareness of others in varying circumstances; provide a benchmark for creating focused coaching goals and practical coaching strategies; and offer a method for identifying and learning from any blocks to the executive’s progress.

Reason #5 – We Show the Executive How to Learn from Self-Help Tools. We use a variety of concepts, models, principles and typologies drawn from management literature and the behavioral sciences to foster shifts in the executive’s perspective, promote fresh insights, provide new frameworks for looking at opportunities and challenges, and help structure and focus self-directed executive improvement actions.

Reason #6 – We Model Constructive Interpersonal Communication Behavior. Our coaching approach is grounded in a positive exploration of what is right, what is working, what is wanted, and what is needed to get there. We use a non directive manner and appreciative inquiry to model constructive communication skills and methods that the executive can learn to use to enhance their own interpersonal communication effectiveness.

Reason #7 – We Maintain Appropriate Confidentiality. We make clear at the outset that we will respect the confidentiality of the information drawn from the executive in the coaching and, unless authorized by them, will not release that information to another person or use it to evaluate the executive’s performance.

Reason #8 – We Coach Only Long Enough to Observe Significant Progress. For coaching in which improved job performance is the goal, working with an executive for three to six months is often sufficient to achieve the desired improvement. Even for less focused types of coaching, we seldom work with executives for as long as a full year.

Reason #9 – Our Executive Coaching is Goal-Driven and Results-Oriented. We use specific, time-bound and measurable or observable goals to anchor each individual coaching engagement in performance-related data and to guide the areas of focus in each coaching session.

Reason #10 – We Adhere to the Highest Professional Standards of Executive Coaching. Our personalized executive coaching approach is designed to meet or exceed the high professional practice standards promulgated by the International Coach Federation.

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