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Collaborative strategic planning: Which of its benefits does your organization need?

Benefit #1 Ė Clarify your Organizationís Strategic Priorities and Goals. Clearly define your organizationís priorities and help your organization to establish realistic goals and objectives that are consistent with its mission and are in a time frame consistent with your organizationís implementation capacity.

Benefit #2 Ė Engage and Inform Your Organizationís Key Stakeholders. Break down silos, communicate your organizationís goals and objectives to key stakeholders, educate them on your organizationís priorities and encourage them to think strategically

Benefit #3 Ė Optimize the Allocation of Your Organizationís Resources. Ensure the most effective use is made of your organizationís resources by focusing them on its key priorities.

Benefit #4 Ė Establish Parameters for Monitoring Your Organizationís Strategic Plan. Provide a base from which progress against the strategic plan can be measured and establish a mechanism for making informed changes to the strategic plan when needed.

Benefit #5 - Build Buy-in to Your Organizationís Strategic Direction. Bring together your planning participantsí best and most reasoned efforts in a satisfying experience that: builds a consensus about where your organization is and should be going, secures broader commitment to a shared strategic vision, creates ownership of the strategic plan and fosters mutual trust.

Benefit #6 Ė Increase Your Organizationís Focus on Results. Provide a more focused organization that can lead to greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Benefit #7 Ė Strengthen Your Organizationís Management Teamwork. Help to resolve differences and build stronger teamwork between the various levels of your organizationís management staff.

Why choose us to bring you these benefits?

Reason #1 Ė We Have Broad and Deep Strategic Planning Expertise. As professionally trained and highly experienced strategic planning facilitators, we know how to guide your planning group(s) through strategic thinking processes that produce realistic organizational strategies. We also know how to manage the dynamics of your strategic planning meetings and maximize the likelihood of productive outcomes so that participants leave with a sense of collaboration and accomplishment.

Reason #2 Ė Extensive Organization Consulting Experience Informs Our Strategic Planning Support. The strategic planning process benefits enormously from up-front input and periodic feedback from staff at all organizational levels, as well as from key external stakeholders. In addition to having successfully facilitated scores of strategic planning meetings; we also have decades of experience providing a full range of organization consulting services. As a result, we have successfully designed and facilitated numerous employee and stakeholder input and feedback processes. We also understand the planning discipline and have a working knowledge of the major organizational strategy options.

Reason #3 Ė Our Strategic Planning Support Extends from Start to Finish of Your Process. Our strategic planning assistance typically includes designing, facilitating and documenting the results of one or more planning meetings and then helping senior managers decide whether, when and how to implement the planning group(s)í recommendations. These meetings are usually attended by members of the organization with formal authority or delegated responsibility for making recommendations on the organizationís overall mission, vision for its future, core values, key strategies, implementation goals, operating objectives, tactical activities, performance metrics and plan monitoring procedures.

Reason #4 Ė We Encourage and Model an Open and Inclusive Planning Process. When appropriate and permitted, we also interview the client organizationís key stakeholders either individually or in small groups. Experience has taught us that the planning process invariably produces a better informed product when we can convene face-to-face meeting(s) of a critical mass of the organizationís governance officials and additional face-to-face meeting(s) with a critical mass of its key stakeholders.

Reason #5 Ė We Use Proven Questions to Elicit Your Best Strategic Thinking. We ask the planning participants thought provoking questions about what your organization does, for whom it does it and how it can excel, and then integrating their answers within iterative drafts of an evolving strategic plan document. We repeatedly test and continuously refine the wording of every question we raise at strategic planning meetings. Our questions are designed to give participants open-ended opportunities to offer their reactions and proposals, build on each otherís ideas and insights and develop a sense of personal commitment to a realistic, actionable and results-oriented strategic plan.

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