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We have worked with other professional services firms of all sizes in a variety of integrated team arrangements. We understand the challenges of strategic partnering and the need to bring unique and complementary capabilities to a team so that it in turn can bring superior value to a client—whether it is your client or ours.

Through our ongoing memberships in relevant professional associations, we initiate or participate in teaming relationships when appropriate to organize and integrate needed service capabilities. In addition, we maintain close professional ties and in some cases long-term contractual relationships with organizations and individuals that specialize in one or more of the core business processes where our consulting expertise will clearly add value.

We team with our strategic partners on business development initiatives and on client engagements whenever it makes good sense from both a business and a professional standpoint. Below by way of illustration are brief descriptions of some of our teaming partners:


BCP International Limited (BCPI) is a professional services firm headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia with satellite offices in Jacksonville, Florida and Fort Worth, Texas.  BCPI provides expert advisory assistance and staff augmentation and support for the management of human resources, information technology, facilities operations and security services.  We team with the Human Capital Management Division of BCPI on the group facilitation and conference management components of human resources administration studies and analyses under a long-term multiple-award contract with the U.S. Army Office of Manpower Affairs. www.bcpiltd.com

Cambria Consulting is a human resources and organization development firm headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with satellite offices in New York and San Francisco. Cambria helps clients build and sustain the critical competencies needed to implement key strategies, drive and manage necessary change, develop talent at all levels and achieve measurable value-added results.  We partner with Cambria on the team building and conflict management components of collaborative approaches to competency profile development. www.cambriaconsulting.com


Guided Insights is a facilitation, training and organizational communications consulting firm specializing in remote collaboration.  Based in Boxborough, Massachusetts, the firm helps clients manage virtual teams which may span cultures, functions and time zones.  As a result, remote teams can surface and resolve conflicts that impede progress, maximize team member contributions, cultivate the kind of collaboration that inspires shared commitment and mutual trust, and facilitate efficient and productive conversations that deliver faster, better decisions and higher-quality results.  We team with Guided Insights on organizational consulting opportunities that require the design and facilitation of interventions involving a combination of face-to-face and virtual groups. www.guidedinsights.com 

i3solutions is an award-winning information technology consulting and IT staffing firm located in Sterling, Virginia.  They specialize in customized applications development, end-to-end system integration, collaborative software solutions and fulfillment of IT human capital resource requirements for government, commerce and industry.  We partner with i3 on the facilitation of process improvement teams and the management of organizational change issues associated with tailoring and implementing enterprise-wide software solutions. www.i3solutions.com  


Mark Arnold is a seasoned consultant, facilitator and trainer who helps large and small enterprises become more adaptive, responsive, productive and communicative.  He has led senior management strategy, restructuring, re-engineering and team-building sessions in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and the Far East; authored articles appearing in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Advanced Management Journal, Journal of Business Strategy, Management Review and Nation’s Business.; and conducted seminars for the American Management Association, Business Week, Quality and Productivity Management Association, Sales and Marketing Executives of New England and several universities.  We partner with Mark on the design and facilitation of senior management strategic planning and team building sessions.

Janyce Hedetniemi is currently serving as community relations advisor to the Office of Bio-Defense Research Affairs at the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases.  She directed the Office of Community Liaison at the National Institutes of Health; chaired the steering committees that established the NIH Research Agenda on Women’s Health and the DHHS National Action Plan on Breast Cancer; and held science policy planning and communication positions at the National Institute of General Medical Sciences and the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. We team with Jan on the design, facilitation and documentation of health science policy planning conferences involving multiple public and private stakeholder interests.

Robert Tobias is the founder and currently directs the Institute for the Study of Public Policy Implementation in the School of Public Affairs at American University, where he holds the position of distinguished adjunct professor.  He served for 16 years as president of the National Treasury Employees Union, held a Senate-confirmed appointment on the Internal Revenue Service Oversight Board and chaired the Standing Panel on Public Service of the National Academy of Public Administration, where he is an elected fellow.  We team with Bob on projects requiring facilitation of the design, negotiation, implementation and institutionalization of innovative public-sector labor-management partnerships.  

If you or your organization are interested in broadening, deepening or simply augmenting your service capabilities through effective partnering or teaming relationships and you believe there are significant complementarities or synergies between our respective practices, we encourage you to contact us for an exploration of how we might work together to achieve results neither of us could accomplish working independently.

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