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Engagement. Organization consulting involves collaborating as an external or in-house advisor with organizational leaders or managers and their groups to facilitate root-cause problem-solving and needed systemic change by improving the social and technical processes through which employees get their work done and thus increasing employee engagement and productivity.

We strive as organization consultants to have a positive impact on the organizations we consult for and on the people who work within them so that employees will have the opportunity, through using and growing their talents, to realize their full human potential and the organizations they work for will, in turn, realize their full performance potential.

Our purpose in all of our work is to evoke awareness, initiative, imagination, inquiry, observation, reflection, feedback, dialogue, deliberation, discovery, insight, commitment, anticipation and optimism in the belief that engagement of these inherent capacities promotes the fullest realization of value and meaning in organized human enterprise

Collaboration. Collaborative processes are time-limited and context-dependent group interactions which typically require as pre-conditions of success the collective development of shared understandings and objectives; a sense of urgency, commitment and belonging; open and honest communication; mutual trust and respect; complementary and diverse skills and knowledge; and intellectual agility.

We focus our professional practice on collaborative processes because we believe that collaboratively oriented and democratically structured organizational bureaucracies are the best instruments yet conceived for acting humanely and justly to solve complex problems and pursue universal equity and individual fairness in a multi cultural pluralist society.

We also believe that hierarchical and rule-bound bureaucracies, whether in the public or private sector, are capable of transforming themselves into more innovative, flexible, cooperative, responsive and resilient organizations.  Our commitment as organization consultants is to neither disparage nor discount bureaucracies but rather to help them reorient, renew or reinvent themselves along more collaborative and inclusive lines


Empowerment. At the heart of empowerment is self-directed change— an intentional modification of some aspect of what or who an organization or an individual is or wants to become.  The empowering capacity for effective self-direction is the core competency of a successfully self-governing democracy.

We focus our professional practice on self-directed organizational and individual change because we believe the positive needs and aspirations of human beings are the reasons for organized work in society and that most organizations can profitably learn to be as responsive to the needs of their managers and employees as they are to the interests of their customers and stakeholders.

We also believe that work can be a richer and more productive experience if human expression and inventiveness are allowed to play a legitimate and significant role in organizational life, that each of us is here to give expression to our innate capacity for growth, and that every one of us has unique talents that can be nurtured when they are focused on valuable and rewarding organizational and personal goals.

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