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Organization consulting: Which of its benefits does your organization need?

Continuously improve your organizationís productive capacity. Collaborate with outside experts on human systems, processes and structures to identify and resolve problems and achieve desired outcomes and sustainable results.

Make more well-informed organizational decisions. Ensure that decisions are made or at the very least contributed to in a meaningful way by those of your managers and employees who have the most relevant first-hand knowledge.

Improve your organizationís ability to learn from experience. Unblock and open up internal communication laterally, vertically and diagonally to ensure that relevant facts and feelings are shared in a candid and timely manner.

Align employee performance with your organizationís goals and objectives. Keep your employees on track by measuring their individual performance as it relates to your organizationís goals. Learn how to supplement annual evaluations with continuous ďreal-timeĒ feedback that emphasizes accountability and links individual performance to organizational goals.

Align your systems, processes and structures with your organizationís goals and objectives. Ensure that your organizationís systems, processes and structures are efficient and responsive by basing them on present needs rather than past requirements or current fads.

Resolve conflict within your organization constructively. Channel conflict into the energy needed to solve problems and to initiate change that enhances or sustains productivity.

Ensure that your organizationís reward system reinforces its goals. Reward your people for successful innovation and creative initiatives without punishing them for unsuccessful ones.

Understand and satisfy your organizationís customers and key stakeholders. Ensure that customer and stakeholder needs and expectations are always known and appropriately considered by the managers and employees at every level of your organization.

Why choose us to bring you these benefits?

Our consulting is grounded in distinctive core values and demanding professional standards. These values and standards guide all of our actions and help to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of our consulting services. Engagement, collaboration and empowerment are the values that inform and energize our consulting practice. Our professional standards dictate that we: remain genuine, open and self-aware at all times; provide only relevant expertise and value added service; maintain objectivity and impartiality by scrupulously avoiding conflicts of interest; safeguard privacy and confidentiality; promote equity and trust; ensure safety, respect and inclusion; encourage client involvement and empowerment; and strive for our own and other organization consultantsí continuous professional growth.

Our interventions are informed by relevant data on your organization. We work to ensure that you and we have the relevant data before jointly formulating conclusions about what type of intervention will best serve your organizationís interests. This focus on getting the data first helps us to ensure the success of our interventions.

Our interventions focus on your organizationís functioning and effectiveness. We work to help you create and sustain a well-functioning and effective workplace as an interdependent part of your organizationís larger environment. We define well-functioning and effective in collaboration with you.

We take into account the key interdependencies in your organization. We treat your organization as an ďopen systemĒóthat is, we act with the awareness that change in one area of your organization will always result in changes in other areas; and that desired change in one area of your organization cannot be sustained without supporting changes in other areas.

Our services center on your organizationís needs and constraints. We focus on your organizationís unique needs and constraints to promote your ownership of all phases of the work and ensure your ability to sustain the desired change after our engagement with you ends.

We blend our strengths with yours to solve your organizationís problems collaboratively. We partner with you to help you solve problems and create desired and sustainable change. We have expertise in human systems and processes, and we know that you are the technical expert on your organizationís operations and environment. By combining our knowledge of human systems and processes with your technical knowledge regarding your organization, we create an inter disciplinary partnership that produces results.

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